Our Story

Our story

Meet the team behind PR Homes Direct Ltd. This third generation family business is run by father and daughter team, Gary and Francesca.

Meet the team...

Get the know the father and daughter team, Gary and Francesca. Gary works with site management and Francesca with accounts and legals.


In 2001, Peter Ross Winslow (who the company is named after), was building out a site called Broadbridge Mill in Bosham. Some 48 properties houses and flats all built around a central lake area. Gary Winslow joined PR Homes Direct at this point as a site agent supervising the work and ensuring building standards were kept high and managed the budget.

Over the next few years PR Homes Direct had a number of small but successful projects. These projects were in the Woodingdean / Rottingdean area of Sussex with high customer demand due to the costal location and high quality finishes which are a common theme throughout all of PR Homes Direct's construction. 

The father and son team then moved on to Eastbourne whereby they wanted to build some luxury flats near to a mainline station. They managed to find a 24 garage site which they obtained planning permission for 9 flats with balconies. They managed to sell all flats at a particular difficult period with the recession at that stage. In hindsight PR Homes Direct acted very astutely, as the financial situation in the country became a difficult period for selling properties everywhere.

PR Homes Direct then felt the market was recovering but felt a mixed development of small starter homes and inexpensive flats was the way forward at that time. They purchased 2 sites in Penhill Road Lancing in quick succession to catch the market whereby we built 10 flats and 5 houses on one site and 6 flats and 2 houses on the other site.

Then in 2009, ECO became the buzz word and although Gary and Peter knew ECO was an expensive build with clients being a niche market it was important for the future of the company to work alongside the top Architects around the Sussex area to build their profile in the business.

This goal was achieved through a purchase of a garage site in Eastbourne with planning for 5 ECO houses complete with curved roofs covered in a grass sedum, which looked spectacular.

A complete ECO build with PV water heating system, water recycling with running costs of around £300 per annum. The Eastbourne council worked hand in hand with PR Homes Direct architects Liam Russell on a revolutionary design which was nominated for 2 architectural awards, 'Britian's Best Architecture' 2013 and short listed for RIBA's 2013 & 2014 East Regional Awards and long listed for World Architecture News Awards 2012. 

Nowadays Gary works with his daughter in PR Homes Direct which is now a third generation business! Together they collaborated in bringing together these luxurious, modern terraced houses in Hove, Brighton.

PR Homes Direct are still working with the same team of Architects today who now operate out of Brighton to ensure continuity of the high levels of creativity they consistently produce. On the subject of collaborations PR Homes have also stayed loyal with the same family sub contractors for over 10 years now. Brick layers and ground workers, carpenters, electricians, plumbers and decorators have been with PR Homes Direct and stayed with them because of the security and from their part, the standard and pricing of their work is always recognized by PR Homes Direct and the various building inspectors we deal with at PR Homes Direct.

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